This is a great product!

I am 64 years old and am just finishing up the initial wear time of the magnets. I have been a smoker for 54 years and this is the first time that I have tried to quit and not suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms. I am encouraged by the results and feel I will be able to maintain being a non-smoker. This is a great product!

Michael B

What is ZeroSmoke?

ZeroSmoke is an amazing new and exciting approach to help give up smoking.   This self treat system was developed and launched in Italy five years ago since which time over 4.7 million have been sold in USA and Europe mostly on recommendation.   Unlike most other stop smoking systems it requires no gum, patches, other artificial substitutes, or humiliating and inconvenient attendance at clinics. This innovative and patented self help program works on the principles of auricular therapy and acupressure, based on the ever more popular field of acupuncture now recognised by the NHS, but without piercing the skin. Two small gold plated magnets are placed on specific parts of the ear for a specified amount of time. The pressure from the magnets stimulate the neurotransmitters which send messages to the brain to release endorphins to take away your craving for cigarettes. It is incredibly effective and has passed clinical trials.


After proving its success and popularity as a natural healthy aid to stop smoking the original patented ZeroSmoke system has been made available in the UK and Europe and been officially classified as a CE medical device. After further rigorous tests in the USA Zerosmoke has been approved by the American Health Department of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the official US Agency which vets all medical products.  So don’t be fooled by cheaper unauthorised copies which are ineffective.  


The secret of giving up smoking for the long term is to re-educate our bodies not to create the initial and recurring craving for nicotine that it has become used to and dependant on.  Other quit smoking systems that come and go can only be effective temporarily, if at all, because they attempt to superficially distract one’s desire to smoke with unsatisfying and boring substitutes like chewing gum or the need to ingest medications which have other side effects or cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.


The ZeroSmoke therapy is a once and for all time purchase and can be relied on to help maintain the resistance to smoking indefinitely without further cost or discomfort.    Personal self treatment makes therapy visits unnecessary and, if preferred, can be used with any other anti smoking programme to accelerate progress.

The system is complete with a manual containing the instructions for use and a very helpful guide to facing up to the first month as a non-smoker, developed by the


Arizona Smokers Helpline University of Arizona Tobacco Education and Prevention Program Arizona Department of Health Services.


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