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Quitting smoking has been one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do. I have spent many hundreds of dollars on patches, gum & yes, even prescriptions. Nothing worked. I tried this product, as a last try before hypnotism & found it to be the most helpful of any. I can't say I'm totally smoke-free yet, but I have to stick with the program! It's well worth the money!!

Cellqueen February 5, 2009


Why is giving up smoking so difficult?

Whilst classic "crash course" anti-smoking treatments can be effective in the short term they are not without side effects. It is normal to experience very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms once the body is deprived of its dependency on nicotine. Sensations such as anxiety, irritability, negative mood changes even intense hunger and craving for food are a combination of physical and psychological effects that make it impossibly difficult to stay away from the tobacco habit.

As a result, one soon becomes disillusioned, betrays the anti smoking programme and reverts back inevitably although often slowly to the smoking habit. Despite all the publicity and evidence of the dangers of smoking and the inconvenience of being a smoker in an enlightened modern society, it seems easier to persist and revert to being a social "misfit" in today’s healthier environment.

Why is zerosmoke different?

Because it requires the minimum of self discipline by replacing the desire to smoke and need for nicotine with the same satisfying endorphins produced by smoking. Zerosmoke re-educates your bodily expectation of nicotine ingestion so that you lose the taste for tobacco. The zerosmoke system will always be at hand whenever you need to top up treatment and involves no further expense or inconvenience.

What part does the auricle play?

The ability to affect behaviour using magnetic pressure therapy to stimulate precisely defined zones of the auricle is the characterising element of this treatment to help stop smoking.

Habitual behaviour in man is the result of a complex interaction between environmental, cognitive, emotional and biological factors which take on a highly important role in influencing short term and long term lifestyles like diet and smoking and it is precisely on these conditions that auricular stimulation seems to have its main effects.

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