"I cannot believe how easy this was.

I cannot believe how easy this was. I am now down to less than 6 cigarettes a day. The way I did it was simple, I used the magnets but did not commit to not smoking. I smoked when I wanted one. However, the desire went a little more each day.

Susan Barrett

Benefits of ZeroSmoke?

A healthy therapy that will work because it harnesses the body’s own natural in-built intelligence and help override any withdrawal symptoms or indecisiveness to encourage long term compliance with a minimum of self discipline.   Zerosmoke leads the way to help quit smoking for good.


ETHICAL: ZeroSmoke registered as a MEDICAL DEVICE and carries the prestigious CE mark.   It is also an approved therapy by the USA Federal Health Authority.     


PRACTICAL: Self treatment saves time and trouble – especially for those used to regularly attending groups or clinics.


PRIVACY:  Self treatment gives you privacy and confidentiality.


SAFE: Has no adverse side effects or contraindications.


VERSATILE:  Can be used in conjunction with other systems if preferred.


ECONOMICAL:  No other anti smoking product can claim a lifetime of treatment for the price of a single purchase.   The magnetic power will last for 100 years or more.        


Make a start to day and you will soon no longer be the “social outcast” smoking in the street!

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