"I wanted to write to thank you.

I wanted to write to thank you for making this wonderful product. I was a smoker for 17 years and I have tried everything to quit. My friend told me about your product and I am thrilled to say that Zerosmoke worked for me. I have been smoke free now for almost three months with absolutely no desire to pick up a cigarette ever again! Thanks Zerosmoke!


you too can give up smoking with zerosmoke

What is ZeroSmoke?

The ZeroSmoke® system makes use of Auricular acupressure therapy, (which is similar to acupuncture,but without piercing the skin) to considerably reduce the desire to smoke.

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How to use the magnets

The magnets should be used from a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 4 hours a day.


the magnets will stay in the correct position by magnetic attraction.

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How to order

Order your ZeroSmoke kit for a single payment of only £45.95 
For a life long result. 

(1 kit consists of 2 magnets and one instructions book to help follow the therapy)

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Years of research and development have gone into manufacturing this product. We are protected by a worldwide patent. They are highly technical and scientific medical devices. Our products have gone through independent clinical trials which prove their effectiveness, and have FDA approval in the USA. Our ZeroSmoke has the European stop smoking council approval.